Thursday, 28 March 2013

time for another account, another story

last year was gather the broken. counting the omer by taking note of the small fragile broken things. not throwing them out, or being in a rush to fix, but finding something beautiful and precious in these items that cannot be used, or discarded. Day 1 was a piece of white crockery, with blue decorations painted on it. I found it in the street, put it in my pocket and ended up carrying it around for about a year. I don’t really know why. as I wrote in the drawing “I just got used to it, the way it felt in my pocket.”
this year I will be doing another drawing a day to count the omer. although it is not about the broken, it is about the gathering. what do we collect as we go about our day? what are the small things that are there, that we also need to take into account as we travel onwards? what do we carry with us wherever we go?
it started night-time tuesday 26th march 2013. join us as we empty our pockets and tell our stories. 
- Jacqueline

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